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Why Choose CSW?

Constituent Services Worldwide
Our Purpose

We have one guiding purpose—to empower citizens to complete their goals. CSW brings brave thinking and a desire to be the best in our work in consulting, certifications, and constituent services. CSW's industries range from Adult Education and Occupational trainings to Green Infrastructure to IT Governance and Security.

Our Beliefs

CSW's President and CEO, Dr. Robert A. Jordan believes that “a grassroots mentality, yields a field of bountiful opportunities.” We bring a ferocious integrity to change the status quo, where management consultants are characterized as “Beltway Bandits” and accused of “stealing your watch to tell you what time it is.”  Each day, we strive to combine your aspirations with our world-class capabilities to achieve your goals.

Our Values

CSW celebrates and values partnership in all its forms; it’s something we truly value as a new voice of creative problem solvers. We believe corporate and individual citizenship thrives the most when all voices are heard. 

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